Modual: Mumbai 

Monday 4th – Friday 15th September, British Council, Mumbai, India

Modual is a two-week collaborative digital workshop run by University of the Arts London (UAL) in partnership with the British Council. It is led by Professor Fred Deakin, UAL's Chair of Interactive Digital Arts. The workshop will give you the opportunity to experience what it's like to work in a professional studio environment using the latest digital methods and tools. You'll learn from industry experts as well as the Modual team and get specific feedback on the creative projects that you will be creating from scratch.

Take a look at this video on the Modual website to get an idea of what the workshop's all about.

Please read the information below carefully before you apply to take part in Modual.

What is this workshop?

This workshop is a chance for you to experience working in a small team with other creative practitioners with a wide range of skills on a project that you will imagine, create, develop and then pitch to an audience of industry, academic staff, press and public.

Various industry experts will give lectures, coach you and give you specific feedback on your projects. The workshop is led by UAL’s chair of Interactive Digital Arts, Professor Fred Deakin. Please bring a laptop or smart device and a positive attitude: we will provide everything else.

Why should I take part in Modual?

If you're pursuing a career in the creative industries, you'll need to be able to work in teams with people with very different skills from yours. This workshop will give you a taste of what it's like to work in a collaborative and fast-paced 'start up' environment. Modual will allow you to explore creative ideas in a safe environment, and the skills you learn could help you to launch your own creative studio or company in the future.

Why India?

This iteration of Modual will bring together UAL students currently based in the UK with creative students and practitioners based in India. We believe that this will generate innovative projects that focus on solving problems relevant to India and create a powerful cultural conversation in the process.

The workshop will take place in the British Council's building in Mumbai. All participants will be attending in person throughout the workshop, as will the workshop staff.

Who is eligible to take part?

UAL students: 

You need to be a current UAL student over 18 years of age to take part in this Modual workshop. Foundation, undergraduate and post-graduate students are all welcome to apply. If you are graduating this year then you are definitely eligible! We will cover all of your costs including transport and accommodation.

Modual: Mumbai is partly funded by the UAL Outreach programme.  We actively encourage applications from students who:

  • Currently study on a BA course from one of University Arts London colleges
  • Come from a family where neither parent has been to University
  • Qualify as home students. 

India residents:

To take part in Modual you need to be a creative practitioner interested in developing innovative projects that use digital processes. This means that you should have a qualification in some kind of relevant subject: examples include graphic design, product design, fine art, programming, UX, fashion, photography, videography, illustration, etc. You will be collaborating directly with UAL students and so you will need to bring your own comparable skills to the workshop. You also need to be over 18 years of age.

How much will it cost me?

There is no charge to take part in Modual. UAL students: again, we will cover all of your costs including transport and accommodation.

When and where?

The workshop takes place from Monday 4th to Friday 15th September 2017 at the British Council on Elphinstone Road West in Mumbai.

This workshop is a full time commitment.

Like industry, we work from 10am to 5pm every day except Saturday and Sunday. There is also a launch event from 6-9pm on Thursday 14th September. There will be short breaks but for most of these days we will need your undivided attention.

If you can’t attend on one of these days then you cannot take part in this workshop.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

This is entirely up to you. The final projects will be developed by you and your fellow workshop participants. We'll suggest areas to explore, such as digital innovation and positive social change, but everyone will get to choose the projects they'll work on.

How do I take part?

The first step is to fill in an application form. You'll just need to provide some basic details, an explanation as to why you want to take part in the workshop and some examples of your work.

Once we've received your form we'll let you know if your application has been successful and if so we will then get in touch to talk through the workshop with you in more detail and answer any questions you have.

If you have any urgent queries regarding the workshop that need to be answered before you apply then please email

The deadline for applications is now Friday 2nd June due to overwhelming demand but we recommend you apply as early as possible since places are limited. Good luck!