Modual: is a once in a lifetime opportunity to...

Make something that you care about.

We help students discover and explore the potential of their ideas, skill and passions and empower them to develop group initiated projects that will generate positive change.


Get funded by investors.

These projects will have the ability to make a real impact on the world. Social investors will be on hand to advise the teams on how to make these projects actually happen.


Be a cross-disciplinary collaborative game-changer.

Collaborating and teaming up with people with different skills is essential in the modern creative workplace – especially if you dream of starting up something yourself. Unfortunately, it's not something that higher education traditionally prepares students for. Get one step ahead of the game.


Create a portfolio piece like no other.

Portfolios are all the same. An ambitious cross-disciplinary project made with the help of industry experts in a pop-up design studio at Somerset House... now that stands out.


Get real feedback from leading industry experts.

Past experts have included the likes of Mother London, Joel Gethin Lewis, Nat Hunter, Signal|Noise, Paul Miller, Paul Wyatt, Facebook & Instagram, Common Industry, Its Nice That, UsTwo and many more.


Get up to speed on cutting edge digital tools.

Modual: isn't your average university project. We will be using tools that creatives at the cutting edge are currently using to collaborate in their daily lives such as Slack and Fuze.


Build an international creative network

With agencies and offices opening all over the world Modual shares its international network to reach more creatives around the world. Check out the workshop we hosted in NYC's UsTwo studio down on Wall St.